People I’d Love to Have Over for Dinner

I’m not quite sure what the menu would be — maybe Carolina pulled pork that’s been smoked for 12 hours and served with a tangy mustard-based BBQ sauce. But then I’d need to have some chipotle-maple brisket because not everyone likes pork. I guess there’d need to be some sort of salad and for sure homemade mac and cheese and naturally, chocolate for dessert.

Not that I’ve thought about this that much. Ahem. I’d even put the extra leaf into the dining room table, which is kind of a pain in the butt.

My dream dinner guests:

-James Corden (I would shamelessly try and talk him into letting me do Carpool Karaoke… Maybe “Under the Boardwalk.”)

-Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, but he must wear pants. He can’t sit at the table in his tightie whities as he always seems to be doing in his assorted TV appearances.

-the Rock. Maybe he would bench-press me. That may have sounded dirty, but I didn’t intend it to be. I just thought it was funny.

-Stephen Colbert

-The Obamas

-Writer Mary Roach

I’d also invite Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, but I don’t think she’d come because the guest list would provoke too much anxiety. Still, it’s always nice to be invited.

1 thought on “People I’d Love to Have Over for Dinner

  1. May I have the recipe for the pulled pork w/ tangy mustard sauce, please?


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