A Week in the Life….

This is a chart I made. With great difficulty. I am not especially savvy with anything that doesn’t involve lead and an eraser, and I had no tech support around (aka the kids — who were all at school). I was so proud when I figured out how to send the, um, drawing from my iPad to my email, but then it was just a drawing slapped onto an email and not a file and I couldn’t import it into the blog. So then I was even more proud of myself to convert it into a PDF. But guess what? You can’t import a PDF, so I took a picture. With my phone. Then I cropped out all the telltale details that it was a phone photo — like those email ads running down the sides and my email address — so no one could tell. I know, I know, you can still tell.

My husband also says my chart is flawed, which I don’t doubt because something is off but I don’t have the time nor do I have the patience to spend more precious brain power figuring this out. I already had to breathe into a bag just to get to this point. Also, it’s honest and doesn’t that count for more than being technically proficient and accurate? I say yes. Also, if it gets me pity views from people who can’t believe how shockingly inept it is, I’m OK with that.

So, ta da!


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