Needed: One Book Title

Titles are not my thing. Neither is technology.

Maybe it’s something about the letter t? I dunno.

All I know is that I had this idea to do a survey and have you, the American people and probably also some Russian bots because I don’t know how to do those Captcha thingies designed to prevent shifty vote-rigging, and so, ahem, The People might decide the title of my book of humor essays should be “Vladimir Putin’s Very Funny, Amazing Stories that All Other Presidents (and John Oliver) Wish They Had Written.” Which, actually, given the current state of things might be a better title than any of the ones I am considering.

So, annnyyyyywaaaay, I hopped on over to Survey Monkey and thought I was doing just fine creating a basic questionnaire and thought I had successfully created one and then I wanted to plop it on this very page and I clicked the HTML tab, as I was advised, and then hit “paste” and…. nothing. Even with tech support, the Survey Monkey did the technological equivalent of throwing poop at me. Had things worked, you would have been able to click on one of those titles below. I really wanted to include “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” because that really does sum things up, but I was beaten to the title, several times over and not just by Taylor Swift.

As of this minute, I think I like “All The Things” because that really does describe the random mix of parenting and musings on life but “Book…ish” sounds appropriately self-deprecating and is meant to be more like the TV show title “Blackish” rather than bookish, the adjective referring to someone who’s very into intellectual pursuits. Plus, my book is  designed to be a quick, easy read and not some Ayn Rand, bible-sized tome.



If you want to vote, you still can even though technology is preventing it from being an easy-peasy button click. You could choose your fave and put it in a comment. (I love comments!) Or, give me your own, much better suggestion and I promise to consider it way  more than when one of my kids says I should make chocolate chip pancakes for dinner one night.

5 thoughts on “Needed: One Book Title

  1. I Got This* (Not Really)
    Kind perfect to me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pie Counts, but I’m kind of hungry.


    1. Me, too! Time for second breakfast….


  3. Kristin Magdziasz March 22, 2018 — 4:44 pm

    Life is Short….Make the Chocolate Chip Pancakes for Dinner.


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