In yesterday’s post, I pointed out the chief differences in my marital relationship in that I am completely overly sentimental and my husband is genetically closer to Mr. Spock in that particular area. I may not have said that exactly, but it was implied. Strongly. What I wrote was “Guess which one of us doesn’t keep anniversary and Valentine’s Day cards.”

Last night, he presented me with this pile.

Cards — birthday, Father’s Day, anniversary, Groundhog’s Day.

So, I stand corrected.

But, he still shouldn’t have suggested I toss those Santas.


The does its best to identify and correct all errors. If you find an error, please report it immediately by bringing it to my attention or if you live with me, by shoving your evidence in my face to prove your point. 


1 thought on “Correction/Update

  1. Hahaha, loved the last para!


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