More Random Thoughts…



This guy.

Or girl. It wasn’t clear from the news reports I saw what gender the raccoon was. But I would bet money that trash panda ended up with a six-figure book deal. Maybe I need to go scale a skyscraper.



I h-a-t-e Parker Posey.

I didn’t always feel this way about the indie actress. In fact, she was perfectly pleasant in all the Christopher Guest mockumentaries.

But, we’ve been watching the “Lost In Space” reboot and as Dr. Smith she is just … The Worst. I want to punch her whenever she’s on screen. I’m not the only one either. As we watched the season finale last night, the kids and I were all yelling at the television. My husband sat there quietly, trying not to make eye contact and pretending — to the dogs — that he didn’t know us.



Wanted: this dress

I neeeeeeeeed it. Should you happen to find this sequinned stunner for around $25, let me know because I am inexplicably, desperately in love with it. Doesn’t matter that I am completely lacking an appropriate occasion to wear it. Oh wait, yes I do! I think I could pull that off at the next school site council meeting. With a blazer, though, that high school library gets chilly.


Reason 32 Why I wouldn’t want to be a late-night TV show host

Too much germ-y contact with the audience. All that high-fiving just seems like an upper respiratory tract infection waiting to happen.



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