Random Tuesday Stuff

Surely you heard about the googly-eyed fish story? I love so much that people thought that could work.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 6.16.11 PM


Can you guess what this is?

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 6.18.13 PM

Yes, it does look like an undercooked ham but it is actually a…. smoked watermelon. Why? Just why? Why would someone think to do that to an already perfect fruit, why would anyone want to eat that, why is the juice so brown? So many questions that I actually don’t want the answers to…

And finally because something is very wrong with me, I agreed to help coordinate No. 3’s eighth grade graduation. It is quite the production and involves a lovely ceremony followed by a dinner-dance at a swanky country club. All kinds of parent committees will tackle duties like decorating, fundraising, getting t-shirts made, etc., but we’re letting the kids come up with a playlist for the DJ because I’m pretty sure they don’t want the guy spinning tunes that sound like a “top hits of the ’80s” retrospective, which is exactly what would happen if the parents were left in charge. OK, well if *I* were left in charge. But, I was realizing that this could be problematic because we’re old and they’re young and know things like that rap song about broccoli isn’t really about the world’s most hated green veggie but about marijuana. I only know this because my 13 -year-old child explained it to me. So, there is a lot of potential for completely inappropriate tuneage. So that got me thinking that much like publications employ people to verify information and quotes, we should consider reviewing song lyrics to make sure there’s nothing questionable. Instead of fact checkers, these folks would, of course, be known as f*** checkers.

*Yes, I am one of those people who thought the Creedence Clearwater Revival song was about a bathroom on the right and also, that Peter Gabriel ditty “Games Without Frontiers” where he speaks a line in French? I did not identify that as a foreign language, I thought he was singing “She’s so pooped today.”

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Stuff

  1. I’m laughing MAO! I also had no idea Peter Gabriel was speaking French! I thought it was an odd, abstract non-sequitur: “she’s so popular”. Cringing that I have belted out those lines for 30 plus years.


  2. My oldest child thinks your version makes way more sense than mine!


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