What the waka?

I’ve said it before, I’ll no doubt say it again: The internet is a weird, occasionally wonderful place. Today, the emphasis is on the weird, the heart-stopping and the how-did-I-not-know that…

The Weirdnili-lotan-540w45-emerson-jean-walker-wash-5.jpgnili-lotan-540w45-emerson-jean-walker-wash-2.jpg

Just why?

Why would anyone want jeans that make it look like your butt took a leave of absence from your body AND give you bowlegs? The weirdest part of all? It will cost you $400 for the privilege of looking that unattractive. Fashion is strange.

The Heart Stopping


Check out that cheesy stream being drizzled over a burger that has a hole cut into the middle for fries. I think I’ll eat one and then go get some blood work done the next day to freak out my doctor.

How Did I Not Know That

My WHOLE life, I thought bona fide was pronounced bone-uh FIDE, just like how Holly Hunter says it in “Brother Where Art Thou.” (See the video here.)


But twice this very week on TV, people — including Stephen Colbert, whom I trust above all others — have pronounced it BONE-uh-FEE-day. I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong.

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