Tuesday Randomness


You can buy a weighted blanket — used for people and pets with anxiety issues so they feel secure and grounded — and it has the best name ever: BlanQuil. I want to spend $169 solely because of that name. And, look how happy this chick is? The blankie is going on the Christmas list. I don’t care if global warming means it will be headed to Goodwill in a year….




I am officially too old for an Entertainment Weekly subscription. So not interested in any of the new TV shows it’s touting. Don’t know who several of the “celebrities” are. One blurb made fun of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” and I was all, wait, what happened to Michael? Ryan who? Ummm, is Regis even still alive?

I can’t keep any of these people straight, plus I kinda feel like the mag has jumped the shark a little by adding a gratuitous fashion page.


I am a 40-(mumble mumble)-year-old mother of three, and I still love Hello Kitty. And, I hope that by owning and wearing these shoes, it is not a repeat of that time I realized I could fit into the cute girls’ T-shirts at Target that had the adorable cupcakes and puppies on them — as long as I bought the XL — and then I wore one to school and saw one of my middle daughter’s fourth-grade classmates wearing the exact same shirt. That might actually be worse than having the same dress as someone at the Oscars. Might.




In other shoe-related matters (maybe this post isn’t so random after all!)…. I came across what might possibly be the least helpful fit advice ever given:



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