A Turkey Day Special

There once was a mom not from Nantucket,

Who bought her kids a game called Pucket*, GUEST_486116b5-45b3-4d27-b793-f995cefc6e05.jpeg

Her fridges were full,

Her heart was, too,

Because all her kids were home. **


I have many things to be thankful for: I could read everything on my Thanksgiving grocery list and we’re fortunate enough to fill two refrigerators (Jabba the Fridge and R2Fridge2 are brimming with of goodies) and even though I’m creaky and getting all middle-age spread-y, my bloodwork says I’m still completely healthy but most of all I’m so, so thankful that No. 1 is home from college for a whole week*** and so all my kiddos are together under one roof. I have visual evidence to prove it, too, but no one needs to see how messy my house is and I certainly don’t need the reminder.

Happy Thanksgiving!





*Truth. And, it’s a pretty fun game, although if you have any weird carpal tunnel-y hand issues, you will be hurtin’ after playing for 10 minutes.

**At this point, I wanted to say “so suck it!” but that seemed rude and, as my high school poetry teacher pointed out, poems don’t always have to rhyme.

***Which seems like a long time, but it really, truly isn’t.

1 thought on “A Turkey Day Special

  1. Happy thanksgiving! Enjoy your full house! 💕


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