So Blue…

I’m not feeling blue so much as I’m seeing blue. Everywhere.

While most people find this hue serene and calming, that is definitely not the case here. Blue is perpetually on my hands, the tub, towels, the backs of shirts and jackets, but mostly all over my middle child. Guess what? Smurf happens.

It started innocently enough.

“Mom, I want to color my hair blue.”

‘Kay. I’m fine with that. I myself am a veteran of one-time purple hair…


No. 2 was willing to spend her own Christmas money to get the dye job done — until she found out it would be allllllll her money. I offered to give it a shot. Because she’s young and largely unfamiliar with my typically ill-fated DIY projects, she was game.

So we made an early morning Target run, picked up blonde hair color and then she picked out a navy blue along with an aqua shade “for later.” Both were on sale. Sweet.

I slathered on the bleach and watched her medium brown hair lighten into Kim Possible orange. Not light enough. We made a second trip to Target for a box of platinum dye. This time, it lightened more.

Next shade: blue. Very blue. Sooooo blue.


She was delighted with the result. Problem was, that darn blue didn’t just stay on her head. It migrated. She had smears on her face and ears, to be expected. L’Oreal warned of potential color transfer if hair was wet, but it turns out that Colorista is more like Liarista because that stupid stuff gets everywhere. Doesn’t matter if the hair is wet or dry that dang blue rubs off. No. 2 took her first shower post dye job and her entire torso and face were blue afterward. We had to really work at it to make her not look like Mystique.

I’m a little worried she may never regain her regular skin tone. I guess I could always send her off to the next “Avengers” movie audition. In the meantime, though, that $6.99 box of #Turquoise650 Colorista is definitely headed back to Target.



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