An Ear Less Pierced

I think I have a problem.

I keep poking holes in my head. Or, more specifically, in my ears. It’s kinda starting to feel like the adult version of cutting.

I’m up to four piercings in my right ear and three on the left and you know what? I am pretty darn sure none of my family has even noticed. Well, No. 1 did because I sent her a picture. But no one else has said a thing or even looked at me funny — and I wear a pony tail (ears fully on display) several days a week. Sheesh. But, if I tuck a package of Oreos way up at the top of the pantry, behind a box of Raisin Bran, the kids spot that immediately. Of course maybe they didn’t notice the glint coming off my ears because they’re constantly blinded by my ever-present Pepsodent smile. Yeah, right.

For years, I was perfectly happy with just one hole per ear. Several years back, when my niece got her ears pierced for her sixth birthday, my girls and I joined in the piercing party and while they got their ears done for the first time, I had two extra holes put in my left ear. I paid the price for my impulsivity with regular infections for two years.

I’d thought some but not much about maybe adding another in my right ear, just for funsies. But never acted on it — until we took No. 1 to college. When we came home, I was beside myself. I was weepy and anxious, and felt like I needed to do something, anything, maybe even something drastic that would cause some physical discomfort to distract me from my churning emotions.

I ended up at the piercing place where I’d bought some gold hoops a few years before. Is that even the right term? I don’t even know what to call a place that pierces. Hole shop? Poke-y store?

Well, anyway, I went in and the girls were so sweet.

“Oh my gosh — you have THE CUTEST lobes!”

Awwww. Shucks. At my age, I graciously accept any body compliment I can get.

So, I had two holes gently jabbed into my right ear and I felt instantly calmer. I had something different to focus on.

Then my oldest came home for winter break and we had a wonderful almost-month together as a whole family before she left for school. Then I didn’t know what to do with myself. Again. Maybe I should go get another piercing? Everything went smoothly the last time. So I did it. It’ll likely be the last one because I have officially run out of real earstate because I refuse to venture up into cartilage territory. That just seems painful.

And no, tattoos won’t be next.



An ear selfie — elfie?. 


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