I’m an Axecellent Mother

Now that the Oscars are out of the way, we can fully concentrate on that other biggie of the chichi awards season: mother of the year.
I’m pretty sure this year I’m a lock — I took my kids axe throwing.

Sure, I suppose some might call it a questionable parenting move but do they really need all 10 fingers? And toes? Pinkies aren’t especially useful, if you ask me.

Just kidding, axeficionados. Please don’t cut me.
So how did this most axecellent afternoon come about? Well, we were wandering around the outlet mall on a school break when a store front caught our eye. The window decals touted exploring your inner lumberjack and there were lots of timber references. We peeked in the windows and could see some t-shirts hanging on the wall. A store devoted to… log lovers?
“Wow, this place must be for people who really love wood,” No. 3 said.
We took a closer look. Nope. It was a place to safely throw an axe. Who knew that was even a thing? And, how could we not walk in and check it out?
For a mere $15, you can spend half an hour* throwing an axe — and that included quality time with our very own personal “axepert.” Sold.

I will say this, it was very interesting and disconcerting. I winced every time one of my kids pulled an arm back to huck that axe and also, half an hour throwing an axe is kind of a long time.



If you don’t wear closed-toed shoes, “shoes of shame” are provided for you. Hard to say which is worse, the selection at the axe place or in a bowling alley.

*For $35, you can get an hour and a half of throwing time, but that seemed… axecessive.

4 thoughts on “I’m an Axecellent Mother

  1. Too funny, were those the shoes they provided? Ax-proof toes????

    Greetings from Puerto Madryn, Argentina! We are here today instead of yesterday. The seas were so rough on Sunday night and Monday that the captain altered our course and we hid out in a harbor all day North of here. Not much to see in port today, a little walking and some shopping Love,

    aunt Barbara Sent from my iPad


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    1. Yes, apparently leopard-print plastic is considered axe-proof. Definitely ugly. 😉 Enjoy!!! Can’t wait to see pix!


  2. the shoes of shame!!


    1. They are pretty shameful… Of course there were Crocs.


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