Wall-to-Wall… Chaos

Our dining room table has been replaced — by a bed.


Also, I’m going to be wearing my husband’s cast-off “mini van, mega FUN” t-shirt with a pair of tie-dyed pajama bottoms indefinitely because I can’t get into my dresser. Its drawers are blocked by 19 years of my oldest child’s crap (Really? She still has her sixth grade science fair project board AND a sign from middle-school volleyball?!).


What has caused such upheaval in our home? We’re getting new carpet. Which I found out about around 11:30 a.m. YESTERDAY as I was sitting in an urgent care waiting room for a medical professional to tell my middle child what I had already told her — that she did not have strep throat.

Last night was a little chaotic. Today is worse.

In truth, we needed new carpet, oh, about 10 years ago. The last time I had the steam cleaner guy over, he openly wept as he worked his way through the rooms. But we still have kids and dogs in the house. We wanted to put off carpet replacement for as long as possible. Sadly, an expensive home repair made it today instead of my preferred five years from today.

But, what are ya gonna do? Well, I’m just gonna rock my pajamas and really enjoy the convenience of having my bed right near the TV, where I fall asleep every night anyway.


Our carpet, shown with the fluffy white dog for comparison purposes because that is what color it used to be. Almost. 

3 thoughts on “Wall-to-Wall… Chaos

  1. Kritan, I am a friend of your MIL…loved your column and love your blogs! Barb Lewis

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG! Better you than me, our bed weighs about 800 pounds….


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