I’m kinda quiet this week. Well, not really. If you were in my house right now, you could listen to me hack and periodically blow my nose.

Guess what I just discovered? You can buy tissues that have lotion AND Vicks in them. They are amazing, as long as you don’t accidentally dab your eyes with them. Then they burn. Actually, they do kind of make my eyes water just when I use them on my nose.

So, I’m trying to put the finishing touches on This. while still going about my daily life, which is complicated by the fact that mucus is crowding out the gray matter in the parts of my brain that control higher cerebral function. I hate colds.

Also, I am horribly distracted by Collegegate. I cannot stop reading about how America’s elite shoved their kids in through the back doors at colleges across the country. Also, also, how can I get this court sketch artist to do my portrait? That looks like something out of a fashion mag, or a Vogue clothing pattern.


Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 6.46.52 AM.png



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