One Wish


I opted not to use a pic of a real naked mole rat because they are disturbingly ugly. The cartoon version here — Rufus from “Kim Possible” — however, is actually fairly cute. 

I would never — under normal circumstances — wish my naked-mole-rat-vision on anyone*.

My eyes are bad but not completely awful, though, because I do see very clearly in one super specific area and if I could give my kids any gift, it would be this: that they could could see themselves through *my* eyes.

Now, these are not full-on rose-colored glasses. Noooo, sir. Trust me, I see some definite warts and their shortcomings are usually centered around impatience and the inability to happily and cooperatively do chores. There’s some definite teenage sassiness, for sure. But that means my opinion matters even more than anyone’s because I get the whooooole picture.

Anyway, I see — sadly, from afar — No. 1 stress and struggle through her first year of college with a very challenging major. She’s hundreds of miles away and I feel beyond helpless. I try to be reassuring and it’s not enough. I need to stand in front of her and hug her, then shake her. Hard. Look! Why can’t you see what I see? You GOT this. You are 1,000 times smarter than I’ve ever been** and you can do this. You’re driven and stubborn and strong and so incredibly conscientious. And tenacious. You’re funny and clever and can use both sides of your brain equally well. I can’t understand why you don’t have the confidence that comes with all that? If I could do half of what you do and were half the person you are, the world would be my bitch.

No. 3, I think is the exception; he surely does not need an ego boost. That kid already thinks he can do everything. And honestly, he can. Except when it comes cleaning up after himself.

Ahhh, and then No. 2. So nervous about her upcoming senior year and turning 18 and so unsure of her every move. Yet, she is probably the bravest of all of them. Not the least bit shy. About anything. She’s up front about asking for help and directions and tries her hardest and is bold, like go-to-prom-solo kind of bold.

Of course, if my kids could see all that, then they’d have THE biggest heads. Which would definitely be tricky in our house because we have pretty low ceilings.


*If you’ve read the book, then you know. If you haven’t read This., what are you waiting for?!

**Even at my sharpest, which was probably college, I still just studied liberal arts so that can’t compare to excelling in math and science-y stuff.

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