Fridge Fun — with Kristen©

True story: When we moved into our house 20 years (Yikes! It’s been that long?!) ago, I moved a 2-years-past-its-expiration-date bottle of dressing. What can I say? At that particular time in our lives, there was not a lot of salad consumption.

When it comes to keeping an eye on fridge contents, I’ve improved. Some.

I did glance at the sriracha bottle a few months ago and was surprised to see it had actually hit its best-by date last year. But really, what kind of bacteria would be able to thrive in hot sauce? Nothing. So I used it and everyone woke up just fine the next day.

Since that discovery, though, I will admit I’ve made it a point to be more conscientious about when I’ve opened things, even though all the info I’ve read about dates on perishables says that it’s just something to make consumers feel better and is basically random. Those “best by April 29, 2019” eggs still look absolutely perfect to me! And if they’re not, well, I don’t eat them anyway.

So, without further ado, let’s look inside my fridge, also known as Jabba the Fridge because it’s ginormous. Sadly, Jabba is not magnetized, which really bums me out.



Ta da! The fridge guts! Don’t worry — there’s more milk in the backup fridge, dubbed R2Fridge2.



See? Told you I was being better — I noted the date I opened the sesame oil because that stuff goes rancid fast. Sadly, someone pilfered the black Sharpie I keep on the counter, so I can write directly on the jar. In fact, someone or SOMEONES appear to have swiped my kitchen drawer scissors, too.

Even though it’s gutter, I scribbled the date on paper and just taped it right on there.


This mustard mysteriously lacks any best-by date at all… I’m gonna say it’s good because all the vinegar would keep it preserved. Right?


Well, slap a snake around my neck and call me Britney, bitch, because oops! I did it AGAIN with the salad dressing!!!


I think my favorite part is that I totally missed that 2017 date because check out when I opened it! Chunky? For sure.



And, here’s a special sneak-peek at our next feature, Pokin’ Around the Pantry©


This was a purchase mostly to torment my kids, so they would maybe stop complaining about things like beets and Brussels sprouts once they realized there are nastier foods out there. Not quite sure why there are two dates, but dang, that is super impressive it’s been hanging around that long.


Good one, Wu Chung! Everyone knows fungus never goes bad…


3 thoughts on “Fridge Fun — with Kristen©

  1. Haha! Most women would identify I think. A few months ago I found some packets of powdered masalas in the back of beyond, all expired of course. I just mixed them all up and all of us have been healthily enjoying the unusual taste.
    I love your fridge, by the way. It’s like a little room!


  2. Eh, powdered stuff has to be fine! I approve of still using. LOL. ALSO, I just learned yesterday at the dentist for my annual cleaning that even dental floss has an expiration date. WHAT?! That seems excessive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, bit much! If floss has an expiry date, we can’t really grumble about edibles, eh?!


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