Tuesday Randomness

I am kind of a sucker for cool beauty products, but even I can’t slowly crawl up on the bandwagon and get behind … snail snot serum.



My oldest child mocked me for buying this…



It’s called a Bootywrap and it’s a fake sweatshirt. It’s basically sleeves with two pockets sewn into the fabric and I didn’t buy it to cover my booty but because sometimes, I like to roll without a purse. This struck her as dumb. I told her she’s not allowed to judge because I not only carried around three people in my body for nine months but then proceeded to schlep around their crap for several more years. I think I’m entitled to not carry a purse if I don’t feel like it.


Check out these ginormous pumpkins I spotted at Sprouts…


So… how would you even get one home? That’s what I wanna know.

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