Now on the Market: Absolute Gem*! (Puttin’ the Real in Real Estate)


MLS #CH9483291901

Four bedroom, three-bath stunner house! Conveniently located near Trader Joe’s and Target and doughnuts!

Facts and Features

Type: Messy Single family

Year built: 1968

Heating: Lots of hot air, er, forced air

Cooling: Central

Roof: Yes

Expansive granite counter tops — perfect for fruit stickers; enough room for a week’s worth of unwashed dishes and bananas just past their prime



Two-dog fireplace


Double-sink vanity, perfect for piling up washcloths and other grooming miscellany


Plenty of drawers for kids *not* to shut


Wood laminate flooring… under there, somewhere IMG_6564.jpg

Dining room can be a fifth bedroom in a pinch


Ample space for oversized, over-chewed dog beds


Reading nook with all the amenities


Listing price: Make an offer!

*Neither of these things is true, I just thought it would be fun to imagine what an accurate MLS listing would look like.

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