Some Holiday Thoughts

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 7.36.54 AM.png


It’s 6:30 — on a Saturday morning. And, I’m up. Of course. Because I’m always up this early. Not by choice but by canine, specifically one who gets up way too freaking early and then repeatedly does welfare checks on me all night long, keeping me from getting a good night’s sleep.

Everyone else is still snoozing.

After feeding the dogs, I plop down to scroll through emails in the quasi darkness. Sprouts is reminding me to pick up the turkey and I still need to finish downloading the app. There are 572 emails about early black Friday sales. My breathing starts to quicken. I see the pic above. I fall into fullblown panic.

That — the beautiful table — is what designer and my personal spirit stylist Jenni Kayne does for her Thanksgiving. I aspire to that luscious rusticness. Mine will not look like that. At all. The centerpiece is a stuffed turkey that actually gobbles and wears a little sombrero. The main table also features a few metal pumpkins and a 26-pound fluffy white dog who keeps jumping up onto any empty chair she can find to get closer to that sweet-smelling bird. It’s far from picture perfect.

It’s hard not to flip out this time of year. And, if I may play my martyr card, I tend to have a little bit more going on than most because there are four birthdays in the mix in the runup to Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s insane.

Deep breath… In… Out… In… Out…

There’s baking to do and shopping and oh crap, I still have to grocery shop for those regular, non-Thanksgiving meals… Dammit and we have those dental appointments that always fall around the holidays… When are those scheduled again?

In… Out… In… Out…

It’ll be OK. It’ll all be OK.

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