This Is My Life


Flashback to that trip to Disneyland oh-so-long-ago. I actually really love the tea cups — as an amusement park ride, not so much when it’s life.

Stop the ride. I want off.

Things are spinning too fast.

I feel overwhelmed and like I’m being flung in too many directions, which — I am sure it’s fine for me to speak for my people — all moms feel all the time.

It’s just so hard with all that’s piled onto our shoulders. Which is why you have to cut us a break when we do seemingly stupid stuff. To wit:

Because I am a sucker, I have been guilted into volunteering on way too many school committees. The one that I sense will be a real doozy is the basketball booster club because my ball player is only a freshman so that is a four-year commitment. Does the military even make you enlist for that long anymore?

So anyway, as part of my boosterly duties, I needed to deposit some cash into the club’s account. I had a debit card but no account number. Figured that wasn’t a problem. So, I Google bank locations and am delighted — DELIGHTED — to see that one is right near my house. Yes!

I go skipping into the lobby, cash and debit card in hand, and stride up to the open window.

“Morning! I need to make a cash deposit and I actually don’t have the account number, but I do have a debit card, so that’s OK, right?”

“Oh, I can help you with that,” the cheery young man said as I slid the shiny blue card beneath the glass. The smile fell right off his face. “Actually, I can’t help you — this is Wells Fargo, and your card is for Bank of America.”

Wait. What?

I looked at the card. Sure enough, Bank of America. I WENT TO THE WRONG BANK.

“You’re kidding me!!”

I sighed and grabbed all my stuff and luckily, the bank that I really needed was .2 of a mile away, but I felt like such a dork and I hope that at the very least, it gave all the other tellers a good laugh. And yes I’m busy but I probably should slow it down a little and definitely pay just a smidge more attention.


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