The Casting Director Game

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When I was a teenager, we wasted some serious time casting the actors who would play our family.
The final list: my dad = Bob Newhart or Tim Conway; my mom = Connie Chung*; me = Brooke Shields and for some reason, I can’t remember who was going to be my brother, but it seems like we might have settled on the guy who was Howling Mad Murdoch on “The A-Team.”
Years later, my then sister-in-law and I cast the extended, married family and the suggested casting (hers, not mine) for my husband makes me snort laugh:
Yes, I kept the slip of paper we scribbled on. That’s how I am.
Anyway, I bring this up now because A) I found the list! and B) it’s a fun way to kill time and/or alienate friends and family. If you have nothing better to chat about at dinner, throw this grenade out there. It’ll either be wildly entertaining or perhaps cause a deathbed rift. Part of the fun is not knowing which.
*No, she’s not an actress, but this was light years before “Fresh Off the Boat” and “Crazy Rich Asians” so Connie Chung was cast by default because she was the only Asian we ever saw on TV. We wanted to be authentic. Ahem, Cameron Crowe…

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