Sorry, Everything’s Closed

My youngest child: “2020 sucks. First Kobe dies and now the coronavirus.”

He’s not wrong.

So, as you read this, I’m on the road to pick up No. 1 from her college campus. It’s an 11-hour drive. Wish me luck. We just discovered Monday that we’d have to cancel her plane ticket and bring her — and her whole dorm room — home.

No. 1’s first whammy was discovering that her study-abroad program in Rome — set to begin March 27 — was canned. It was quite the blow, but at least her consolation prize was hanging with her buds on a beautiful central California campus. Not so bad. Even that’s not happening anymore.

Like other colleges across the country, Cal Poly is switching to online classes. Kids are supposed to go to their “permanent” homes, bringing an abrupt, unceremonious end to her second year in college.

The mood’s pretty grim around here, so here’s a little goofiness (again)…

It has always driven me CRAZY that two out of three kids are basically unteachable. In the years they’ve been alive, I’ve housebroken four dogs* (all with much lower IQs) and yet the kids can’t seem to understand that it’s OK to put more than one plate ON THE DISHRACK. Instead, they insist on spreading 12 towels across the counter and setting each individual pot and bowl at least six inches apart.

I finally get it. I finally understand.

7C739A22-6AEB-43F5-8B70-A485F805FBA5 They’re practicing social dishtancing.


My husband just started working from home and you know what? He sighs. A lot. And he sighs veeeeeeeeery deeply. It’s disconcerting.

“What’s wrong?”


“You keep sighing.”

“Oh, no reason.”

He sighs like that for no reason. I might need to shelter in place at a different house.


Also, I got this new eyebrow pencil and it glides really easily and is good and dark and I might have gotten a little carried away with using it because when I looked in the mirror, I kid you not, my eyebrows looked like this…











*The dogs were easier to housebreak than the kids were, too. One of the kids — as a toddler — *did* go to the bathroom outside, just like the dogs.

2 thoughts on “Sorry, Everything’s Closed

  1. Oh, I can see all this! Long back, our pup would stop playing on the lawn and rush inside for a moment. Followed him once and found him raising a leg on the commode (and maybe grinning??). Then I remembered putting him into the bathroom once when it was pouring outside! 😂


    1. Ha ha! Funny what sticks with them!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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