2020 Vision


So in the wide world of optometry, 20/20 is aces.

In the rest of the world, not so much.

This year has been one kick in the head after another. But there are people out there — bless ’em — who are trying to find the silver lining. One poem I’ve seen going around, amid all the heartache, really puts things in perspective:



I first felt like this in 2016 after the election. What if that outcome had to happen to shake people out of their complacency? Make them realize nothing can be taken for granted. Make them realize that while people act like things are fine, things are most definitely not fine. Things have escalated to the point that we cannot just sit there and take it. There’s so much wrong, so much to be fixed.

It’s hard, really hard, these days to find any joy.

You have to look hard. I suppose that’s where the 20/20 comes in handy. We need those nuggets of happiness more than ever, as small as they may be. I’m going to try to do my part.

Stay tuned.

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