This. and That.

First, there was This.

Now, there’s …

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 10.20.14 AM

Yup, a second book. Not just any book — That. is a two-fer.

It’s a book and a fundraiser AT THE SAME TIME.

Don’t tell me you’d rather have a T-shirt, I’ll be crushed.

Allow me to momsplain.

So, I’ve been crawling out of my skin these last weeks. I know I’m not alone. I’ve been reading the news about skyrocketing COVID-19 cases, including right in my home state. I’ve been fretting about how to manage my kids’ sports and social lives while keeping them safe. They’re teenagers, but honestly, this feels harder than when they were in preschool and we were gingerly and tentatively dipping our toes into playdate waters for the very first time. (“OK, thank you so much, Cynthia and Bob, for taking the time to fill out the little survey I emailed. I see that you don’t keep guns in the house, that’s good. You also don’t allow playing with toy firearms, very good. You don’t believe that Fruit By the Foot counts as actual fruit, so this is all very promising. If I’m able to get into contact with your three references, a supervised playdate with Gabriel could happen as early as  next week!”)

I know I’m not the only one grapling with feelings of powerlessness and anger at people who intentionally spike the curve. My family members are trying to do our part. We’re essentially hermits and it sucks (especially for the kids), but this could be what makes the difference.

Hopefully That. can make a difference, too.

It doesn’t seem like enough to shelter in place and donate money, I wanted to do something in a more personal way. So when I thought about what more I could do, I realized I should do what I’ve done my whole life — be impatient. I can fast-track a book at a time when people need lightweight entertainment and at the same time, do a little extra to help those going through a difficult period. All the proceeds from That. will be donated to the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona’s COVID-19 relief efforts. My hope is that the book will offer a little levity during the shittiest year ever because it’s OK to laugh when things suck. In fact, that’s when you need to laugh the most. And if it’s at my expense my family’s expense, then so be it. I will do it.

So how does this work?

Well, because I want to get the most bang for readers’ bucks, That. will be available on I know, I know, but really, it’s the best way — publishing costs are just a little over $2 a book, so the rest of the $9.99 will go to the Community Foundation.* It also makes sense to make it available online at a time when people are avoiding shopping for non-essentials. Although, I would humbly argue That. is an essential item. I mean, it’s vital to your mental health to stay off social media as much as possible because of all the toxic and depressing information out there. Let That. be your screen break!

Expect That. to hit in early July. I don’t want to step on Lin-Manuel’s toes and steal any thunder from the small screen debut of his little musical thingie, so likely it’ll be after July 3. Maybe even July 4! Stay tuned. And please, stay safe. Wear a mask, wash your hands — and don’t touch your face.**


* The profits from the $3.99 Kindle version will also go to the fund.

**I’m still using your catch phrase, Myles.


2 thoughts on “This. and That.

  1. Kristen, I’ll be so excited to read “THAT” ! Good for you for doing another. Nan Standish


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