Ta Da!

So here it is … That.
My newest baby.
And, just like with the human kind, I’m feeling kinda sensitive and vulnerable about the newest member of the bookshelf. Yes, I feel like That. is the cutest, but I’m also kind of scared because I realize I am definitely biased and I don’t want someone to come along and crush my spirit by saying That.‘s a real uggo.
I think it’ll be OK.
I have a friend who’s wickedly funny and a comedian and logged time at SNL penning skits and is a wonderful writer, and this book isn’t very long (half the size of the last one), but still it took him FOOOOREEEEVER to read. His excuse? He said it made him so happy that he just didn’t want to finish. Which is probably the nicest thing anyone could ever say to me.
And while any upstanding parent and writer will tell you there is NO such thing as favorites, I feel compelled to tell you my editor says That. is even better than This. Read it and decide for yourself.
Just please don’t be a Vic* about it.
*Makes sense *after* you read the very first few pages of That.
Get That. here. All proceeds will be donated to the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona’s COVID-19 Response Funds, which provides general operating support to nonprofits serving Arizona’s most vulnerable residents in Pima and Santa Cruz counties.
Some talented, eagle-eyed friends proofed That., and I’m so thankful they did — and for this very sweet note.  

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  1. Congratulations!


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