Let’s Talk Turkey

Hey. So, it’s Thanksgiving this week. Tomorrow! You knew that? It came as a surprise to me last week. But, then the dates and days always do lately. No worries, I’ll be ready.

Typically our house is the gathering place for a fairly large shindig. Not this year. It will be just our house bubble. And, it’s sad but not as sad as it will be for all the people who insist on getting together anyway instead of skipping the usual festivities for just this one, crummy year and end up accidentally infecting family members. But, I’m tired of being frustrated by selfish people and would much prefer to revel in the silliness that hides in plain sight among us. We need a break from the shit storm constantly brewing around us. So, here ya go — and please be safe out there.

More evidence that when we emerge from this pandemic, a good 90 percent of us will be in AA.

As if sweatpants weren’t enough. Now, there’s a nap dress trend. People may pull out of this pandemic, but fashion — good fashion — may never recover.

This squishy deep-sea-diver-looking helmet is exactly what we all need right now. Exactly.

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