Genuine Reviews From Real Customers

I love reviews. LOVE them.

I could spend hours — OK, maybe not that much time but definitely many, many minutes — reading about products I will never buy or have no interest in just because their reviews give me joy. I love the spelling errors, I love the irony or lack of irony, I really love the snarky and intentionally hilarious ones.

Do I feel shame for wasting time? Occasionally, but the shame-to-entertainment ratio definitely skews in favor of entertainment.

Here are my latest faves to perk up your lumpy Wednesday…

And because you absolutely NEED to see the shoes this review was written for… That price tag, BTW, is not photoshopped and they were sold out except for one pair.

I love this one about a sports bra…

People, for whatever reason, seem to have a lot of opinions about milk. I love this for its straightforwardness:

This one purely because of the misspelling of cream and Quaker’s Oats. Cmon…

This, this is my absolute favorite. The fact that there is a photo puts it over the top…

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