Things I Don’t Understand: Take 37

There’s a lot in this world I just don’t get.

Things like quantum physics, three-quarters of what my software-engineering major daughter says about her studies, why people are so gaga over Snapchat. All that stuff is beyond my bandwidth. But, there’s been a lot of smaller stuff vexing me lately these days, like…

Why does my 16-year-old son use the lint remover religiously yet he leaves his freshly washed clothes crumpled in a pile in the laundry room for weeks?

Why is it I wear the same underwear all day without incident, then it starts riding up and getting distractingly uncomfortable the EXACT minute I flop into bed to go to sleep?

Why on Earth is milk crate climbing a thing?

Why is it that I never look as good as I do in my home bathroom mirror?

Why is that not only do I not have a cat and am actually allergic to them, yet I continue to get targeted emails about the critters?

I have shown NO interest, anywhere in social media, in cats. Interestingly, my IG feed has been clogged with sponsored posts for this cuddly looking robe with pockets big enough to hold a wine bottle. Cough, cough, that has to be for my husband.

But mostly, I don’t get this. WHY this?

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