Gobble Gobble

My house is full. So is my heart.

The two things are related, of course.

It’s that exciting, stressful, anxiety-inducing time of year — but we’re together. School’s out, so we all can relax. Ish. There’s still plenty of Thanksgiving prep to do. And laundry. Always with the laundry.

For turkey day, we’ll be outside, nine of us, all vaxxed family members. I’m very thankful we’re on the same page there, so that’s one less bit of drama to worry about and no threat of salted honey Parker House rolls* being hurled across the table.

I’m one of those who plans ahead and chips away little by little, day by day, so my to-do list is a little less daunting, although a lot is still left to be crossed off. I keep asking myself what matters and what doesn’t to try and minimize my anxiety. The constant bombardment of Black Friday emails isn’t helping matters. But, I’m trying to see that for what it is — plain and simple psychological warfare. Let it go. Life will go on even if I don’t score some 60 percent off goodies from Athleta.

Instead, I’m trying to concentrate on all I’m thankful for…

…that my family is healthy

…that COVID booster shots are readily available

…that I don’t have to worry about being embarrassed by lipstick on my teeth or an errant booger** cuz we’re back in masks again

…that sweatpants are perfectly acceptable for wearing outside the house

…that No. 1 is learning to play guitar because listening to her sweet voice and the gentle plinking notes of songs I kinda sorta recognize soothes my soul

…that the weather is finally starting to cool off

…that I bought so many jackets on sale this summer and now I can actually wear them and it’s like I have a whole new wardrobe because I had forgotten all about them

…that I have amazing shoes

…and, of course, that YOU still bother to click onto this blog. Thank you for that. 😉

*Those were quite labor intensive to make and I’d prefer they not get wasted in a food fight over politics

**BAND NAME!!!!!!

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