Things They Don’t Tell You About Being A Real Grown-up

There’s so much no one ever tells you about getting older.

Like, one day you’ll look around and feel overcome by looking at your kids and realizing they are true, card-carrying adults and the wave of nostalgia and love will knock the wind clean out of you…

And that you’ll have to start doing very caregivery things for your parents — the ones who once chauffeured and bossed you — and it will seem weird and sad…

And that you’ll start doing double-takes at super practical boring things suggested for you on Amazon like heavy-duty grout cleaner machines and battery-operated car vacuums… 

But the biggest, biggest, BIGGEST thing that no one ever tells you — is that pickleball* can really mess you up. 

*So can basketball, after age 40. You’ve been warned.

If you’re unsure of the state of your Achilles, I recommend sticking with tabletop pickleball.

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