Accept No Substitutions


Not the photographer from Australia. Or the singer who wants to inspire kids. This Kristen Cook, the REAL Kristen Cook, is a wordslinger. A former columnist and award-winning reporter for the Arizona Daily Star, Cook is writing her first book. FYI, she could use an agent. And a publisher.

Advanced praise on Cook’s yet-to-be-published (and fully written) book

“Woo hoo!”

-Homer Simpson*

“Kristen’s the best. I’d totally write a musical about her.”

-Lin-Manuel Miranda*

“She taught me everything I know about writing.”

-JK Rowling*

“I can’t wait to have her on as a guest.”

-Stephen Colbert*

“I, uh, am not sure what you, uh, want me to say. I own a burger restaurant, I don’t really do advances for books that aren’t written yet….”

-Bob Belcher*

“I’m not familiar with her work, but her shoes are fantastic.”

-Jimmy Choo*

*Not real


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