Fri-yay Randomness


I don’t know about you (although I have a pretty good idea), but I’m tired of feeling like I’m a character in one of the dsytopian novels my kids like to read.

And as much as I enjoy having everyone home and around me, I don’t like it under these circumstances. My high school senior is wildly disappointed, as is the college student who specifically picked a campus in another state for a reason. The boy misses basketball practice and sports on TV, but seems like he’s been doing just fine with online video games and what appears to be very limited schoolwork.

My husband is working from home and that’s a challenge for all of us because his work space is smack in the center of the house and we never know when he’s having a video meeting, which means he lives with the constant threat of Zoombombing — without the hatespeech but with the threat of possible nudity. After walking through one of his late-morning Zoom meetings in my robe, I felt compelled to make a second trip behind him in workout clothes so his coworkers know I’m not a complete slacker.

And we’re supposed to be vewy, vewy quiet (you read that in an Elmer Fudd voice, right?) during his 10-hour-workday. It can be a little tense around here.

I get it. When the kids were little and I’d work from home on their days off, it was so hard to get things done — and I hunkered down in my bedroom. Guess what? It’s still hard. Writing is virtually impossible, which is why I’m struggling with this post. So here — read this if you want. It was written during a kindler, gentler time when working from home wasn’t so common that it had an acronym and when the only real health danger was feeling light-headed from a dog fart.


Because 2020 so far has been a giant suckfest, my new hobby is finding and acquiring novelty t-shirts or noveltees, as I like to shorten it. Most of them are workout-related because I think it’s a nice thing to lighten the mood for your fellow detainees while being tortured. Why do you think joke t-shirts are so popular at Guantanamo Bay? (“I got detained at Gitmo and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!”)

I proudly own all of them, except the pink tank. It makes me laugh, though.


16F37FBA-015E-4FDF-8D6F-8313E3880B9D.JPG60878235292__77A50365-EE89-41F4-9AB7-A0A8BD62F68EScreen Shot 2020-04-17 at 7.05.32 AM.png


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