Making a Splash

Some days are hard.

Today is one of them.

While I have lots of feelings, I’m just not feeling a full-on post. I will, however, share a goofy story at my husband’s expense because those are always enjoyable for all.

So Sunday morning, I ventured out stupidly early to the grocery store and as I walked into the house, bags slung all the way up both arms, things seemed… off. Because I am a trained observer after years of journalism, the first thing I noticed was my husband’s empty phone case on the computer desk. Weeeeeeeird. No dogs bum-rushed me at the door.

The kids, of course, were still asleep in bed, where they would be for at least another eight-10 hours.

I set down the bags and peeked out the kitchen door. This was the scene:


I walked through the house in search of the husband.


I found him outside, in different clothes than he was wearing when we walked the dogs earlier that morning.

“Did you FALL into the pool?” I was already laughing.

He smiled sheepishly.

I’ll spare you all the gory details, but essentially it involves Dumb Dog No. 2, a half-chomped Komodo dragon-sized lizard and a pool skimmer. I will tell you that several hours later, when No. 1 emerged from her room. She asked, “Did Dad fall in the pool? I heard a shout and a splash. Then I went back to bed.”

So this was all very instructive on many levels because now I know that in the future, we’ll have to move down the line of succession for a good emergency contact for the old folks home.

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