The Amazing World Wide Interweb

The internet is an amazing place.

Weird, but amazing.

It can provide hours of entertainment. Hours. That is, if you’re so inclined. Gotta admit, I am. Maybe it’s an unfortunate personality trait or maybe I just really enjoy odd products and reviews with egregious misspellings. Either way, I am also incredibly giving and so I shall share the goofiness:

• Did you know there is such a thing as a brunching robe? IMG_0656

Well, now you do! All this time I have been flopping about in a moderately threadbare (but not see-through) robe and feeling like I am lame and not even trying when in reality I am a totally glamorous and brunch-y bee-yotch in a Real Housewives of Tucson way.

• I just HATE when I’m trying to cast out demons and stuff keeps falling out of my pockets, so I’m excited to try this nylon running belt that promises…. IMG_0664

• Holy cow — I innocently was looking up items that allow you to stash a cell phone or a passport. Get a load of that product question. Yikes. IMG_0591




• It just makes me happy to know there is a product called Perky Jerky in the world.


And now, we’ve reached the part of the post where I make fun of misspellings…

American clothing brand Eileen Fisher gets a lot of flak for being a boring, middle-aged clothing line, but it sounds like the designer has way bigger problems…



Actually, I kinda like pantry over panty. It somehow seems more appropriate. Forget the phrase “junk in the trunk.” From henceforth we shall say, “Now she has got some serious nonperishables in her pantry…” Or, maybe not.



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