Shoes n’ Book News


Shoes with doughnut heels. Be still my heart.IRREGULAR-CHOICE-DONUT-WORRy-CREATIVE-BLUE-1024x1024.jpg

Conversely, we have these:

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 6.14.30 PM.png


When I see questionable designs like that, I always feel like Ashton Kutcher is tucked behind a corner somewhere in the boutique waiting to yell, “YOU GOT PUNKED!” as soon as someone plunks down a credit card.

And, in non-shoe news…


Things are coming along with This.! That’s the second proof on top — down to just a handful of fixes.

Also, I was scrolling through notes on my phone the other day and came across my list of possible book titles. There are some real stinkers. I’m not sure if some of them were conceived post-happy hour or after a sleepless night or what but I kid you not, they were on the list:

• Not So Deep Thoughts

• Pieorities: Pie Counts as Breakfast Food (and Other Important Thoughts Involving Dessert and Life)

• Eat Prey Love*

• Eat Fray Love

• The Sound and the Blurry

• Shorter. Funnier. Cheaper.

• Quotidian Domesticity**

• KrisNotes (instead of CliffsNotes)

And, possibly the worst, the other one-word title smack in the middle of the list… Fart. I don’t know if I was thinking I could reel in that elusive middle-school boy demographic or what.



*Which works much better for a vampire book.

**I don’t even remember what that is. Math term? But it’s definitely a better band name.

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