This. eBook vs Paperback Smackdown





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So, no one’s actually asked, but I figure someone might pop the question at some point: Hey, Kristen, should I get This. in paperback or eBook?

Excellent question since the book will available on soon and perhaps some Tucson-area stores, but… who do you think I am? Meryl Streep? How could I make such a Sophie’s Choice?! They’re both my babies. Kidding. Of course I’ll tell you which one you want — both. Duh.

I’ll be straight-up with you, though, each format has its pluses. Neither has any minuses, that goes without saying.

Pro Paperback

• Who doesn’t enjoy that old-school activity of flipping through an actual book?

• It fits in your purse*!

• The fetching yellow cover perfectly accessorizes any outfit.

Excellent eBook

• You can pump up the font, which isn’t as fun as pumping up the jam but is very functional once you reach a certain age (mine).

• The pictures are in color! Yes, there are some photos. You’re welcome.

eBook readers, you should be aware, though, that this particular format appears to not have page numbers, which means my funny little nugget on the back cover about turning to page 150 to see why should buy the book really only works in the paperback version. You will have to scroll through the digital edition to find it.

Also, my funny footnotes are all at the back of the eBook and not at the bottom of the page as they are in the paperback version. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker — all you do is click on the number, which sends you to the note and then click the number again to get sent back to the original sentence. If you click fast enough, it’s quite the rush — like riding on the teacups at Disneyland. Really.


*Super teeny clutches and chic evening bags excluded.

4 thoughts on “This. eBook vs Paperback Smackdown

  1. MIL, and proud of it! March 19, 2019 — 3:31 pm

    And, I might add…..drum roll….with the the paperback 1st edition you might be able to get it autographed by the author! I know a small bribe of chocolate would work magic…
    I’m going for both😉


  2. I’m buying it! Let us know when it’s available, I can hardly wait! This is so cool!


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